Still Alive and Very Much Kicking

My Rita Clarke Memorial Award 2014 gimp

I have been in hibernation over the past couple of years or so, having a break from online life and gaining some amazing offline experience and knowledge from studying, working and volunteering with some fantastic people, in fields I would have never ever seen myself entering before December 2007.

I am absolutely alive and kicking, however, and want to let people who’ve wondered know that I am still very much committed to clearing my name and ensuring that all the nonsense about my 2006 election campaign is finally acknowledged as nonsense in a court of law.

It’s been a tough time but I have been so blessed to be surrounded by people who have helped me in every way possible. I am definitely stronger for the whole experience.

I don’t plan to return to fully updating this website for a while yet, but I did want to return it to life, as it is a true and public record of the positivity and happiness that actually existed in my past – political, personal and professional – as opposed to all the negative and untrue nonsense that is still on the internet and continues to generate quite ridiculous comment, articles and blogposts.

Thank you to everyone who’s stood by me over the last few traumatic years.

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